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    General maintenance instructions


    Personalised products are designed in high quality Natural materials. Here are some maintenance instructions that will help to keep your phone looking like new.

    • Keep your phone in a dry place. All types of liquids and forms of humidity can contain minerals capable of corroding electric circuits. If your phone is wet, remove the battery and wait until the appliance is completely dry before reinserting it.
    • Do not use or keep your phone in a dusty or dirty place. Dust particles can damage the mobile or electronic components..
    • Do not leave your phone in hot places. High temperatures can shorten the lifetime of electronic components, damage the batteries and deform or melt certain plastics.
    • Do not leave your phone in cold places. When the phone achieves normal temperature again condensation might form and damage the electronic systems.


    • Do not try to open your telephone by any other means besides the one indicated in your user manual.

    Avoid dropping, banging and shaking your phone. Rough handling can cause breaking of internal electronic components and machine parts and in addition, can damage the exterior of your phone. Atelcom Monte-Carlo strongly advises that you keep your phone in a compatible case when it is not in use.



    By material :

    Exotic Leather

    Atelcom Monte-Carlo recommends that you regularly wipe exotic leather with a soft slightly humid cloth along the grain of the leather, while avoiding excessive pressure.

    • If your phone is inopportunely splashed, wipe it immediately with a soft absorbent cloth.
    • Avoid direct exposure to bright light, heat and humidity, as well as all contact with objects or substances capable of staining or damaging surfaces.
    • For the best protection of your phone, Atelcom Monte-Carlo recommends that you keep your phone in a case.

    To return an exotic Leather article, please contact our Customer Service by e-mail at sav@atelcom.mc



    Each piece of leather used by the Atelcom Monte-Carlo craftsmen is unique. The natural marks on the leather are a sign of the unique character of exceptional leathers. Leather is a fragile material that must be maintained.



    Precautions for use:

    • Avoid contact with water or very humid places
    • Avoid dropping, rubbing or impacts on hard surfaces
    • Avoid all exposure to extreme temperatures
    • Avoid contact with grease, makeup or solvents


    Non-precious Metals

    The metals used by Atelcom Monte-Carlo have superior quality finishing and they must be maintained in order to preserve their lustre.

    Precautions for use:

    • Avoid contact with chemical products such as solvents, alkaline or acid solutions, sparkling beverages or salt water. In case of contact with any of these products, wipe immediately with a soft cloth.


    • Avoid contact with pointed or sharp objects.
    • Avoid dropping or impacts on hard surfaces.
    • Avoid the use of maintenance products for metals.


    Precious Metals

    Precious metals, such as gold or platinum, are naturally much more fragile. Therefore, you should handle the Atelcom Monte-Carlo products containing some of these metals with extreme care.



    Precious Stones

    Precious stones are extremely hard and resistant, but they can be damaged if they are mishandled. For example, in case of an impact on a hard surface, they might break or their mount might be damaged, which can cause a diamond to loosen or fall out.

    It is also recommended to avoid contact with other jewellery such as diamond rings and earrings because contact can cause abrasion and chipping of the stone or the mount. It is also recommended to ensure, as much as possible, that threads are not caught in the mount as this might twist it and make the stone unstable.



    We strongly advise you to keep your Atelcom Monte-Carlo phone in a leather case when it is not in use, and especially when it is in a handbag or luggage.

    If the stones appear to be tarnished with use, you may polish them lightly with a microfiber cloth obtained from a Jeweller or a Top-of-the-Range Mobile phone professional.



    Sapphire and Ceramic

    Sapphire and ceramic are very hard metals, but they can nevertheless break and can be chipped by harder metals or objects. They can also be damaged if they are dropped.


    Precautions for use:

    • Avoid all contact with other hard materials, such as jewellery with diamonds, nail files, abrasive materials and rock crystals.
    • Avoid dropping or impacts on hard surfaces.
    • Avoid consistent rubbing on hard surfaces.

    For any other information concerning the maintenance of your product please contact customer service by e-mail at sav@atelcom.mc

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