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    Atelcom is an International luxury products Company, established in Monaco since 1991, that specialises in mobile phones and High Tech products.



     ✔ History - Key dates

        Atelcom, the brand.

    -1991 : Carlos Bardote buys out an existing company in Monaco and creates the Atelcom brand in the world of mobile phones and service.

     -1992 : Atelcom, in partnership with Vodafone, becomes the 1st distributor of the GSM offer in France.

    - 1993 : Creation of the current logo of the Atelcom brand.

     • Slogan: “A world of skills and innovations”

     • Promise: “In a word: excellence”


    - 1997 : Creation of the “customisation-personalisation” department.

    - 2006 : Atelcom signs contracts with the manufacturers Vodafone and Motorola Italy for 400 customised mobile phones.

    - 2008 : The luxury products department is created with the launch of the 1st diamond iPhone. The customised, personalised version of the different generations of iPhone would follow.

    - 2010 : Creation of the iPad Limited Edition (leather case, stainless steel cover, diamond buttons).

    - 2011 : Launching of the e-commerce website, www.atelcom.mc and development of a new international clientele (Russia, Asia, Middle-East).



     ✔ The founder of Atelcom: Carlos Bardote.

       Carlos Bardote is a self-educated entrepreneur who created the Atelcom brand in 1993. Because of his passion for beautiful objects he naturally positioned his business in the luxury and novelty products industry. In fact, the products that he offers are at the cutting edge of technology.

      Added value, continuous creation as well as the sense of service and a strong taste for the exceptional, are the key words of his professional career.

      Famous partners: Vodafone, Motorola, La Voile Rouge (Saint-Tropez), The Monaco Automobile Club, The Monte-Carlo Yacht Club etc.

      Famous customers: crowned heads, business men, and top level athletes: professional soccer players, Formula 1 pilots, star singers such as Ruggero Raimondi, as well as various Stars such as the famous top chef Joël Robuchon and major jewellers such as Caroline Chopard.

      Marketed brands: mainly Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc…




     ✔ Products

    • Business: The luxury products trade

    • Products: mobile phones, tablets, High Tech products, personalisation and customisation in leather, cases, frames, covers, and mobile haute couture

     ✔ Expertise

    - Identifying and anticipating the needs of a demanding clientele on the niche market of luxury mobile phones.  
    - Creating luxurious avant-garde products with natural materials (precious stones, rare leathers, precious metals).


     ✔ The Boutique

    Located at 2a, avenue de Grande-Bretagne, under the Arcades of the Métropole, Le Métropole commercial centre, (Hôtel Le Métropole Palace), in the centre of Monaco, two steps from the golden square (Place du Casino, Hôtel de Paris).


     ✔ Fabrication

    • Products are hand assembled in Monaco and fabricated in Switzerland and France.

    • The Atelcom “jewellery” service:

    Machining of the gold or silver parts and setting of the Atelcom products are done in Switzerland in the Locle and Chaux-de-Fonds regions where plants reputed for the quality of their cuts and which fabricate for the leading watch and jewellery makers are located.

    • The Atelcom “Leather products” service:

    The leathers used by Atelcom (alligator, iguana, ostrich, python) are selected by the best Italian tanneries and are mostly obtained from breeding farms, as a result of which poaching is prevented and excellent quality leathers are acquired. Ostrich skins are obtained from South Africa and alligator leather, which is by far the most natural and luxurious leather, is obtained from breeding farms in Louisiana and Florida.

    Iguanas and pythons are among the rare animals that are not obtained from farms because of their abundance in certain specific regions of the world (India, South-East Asia and Central America).

    These skins are cut and sheathed in Avoudrey in the Doubs by a manufacturer, well-known for the wealth and quality of its expertise, which works for the top French and International haute couture and leather products companies.




    • Legal Form: Société en Comandite Simple S.C.S BARDOTE et Compagnie CIE

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