ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is specialized in luxury mobile phone, 
personalized products and high quality accessories since 1991.
ATELCOM Monte-Carlo offers a wide range of unique products 
(personalized phones and tablets, high-end accessories) and 
collaborates with renowned suppliers for their expertise and 
the quality of their materials.


ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is located in the arcades of «Metropole Shoppping Center», 200 meters away from the famous Monte-Carlo Casino in the Golden Square. 

2a Avenue De Grande-Bretagne, 98000, MONACO





1991: Carlos Bardote buys an existing company in Monaco and creates the Atelcom brand in the world of mobile telephony and service.

1992: Atelcom, in partnership with Vodafone, becomes the 1st distributor of the GSM offer in France.

1997: Creation of the “customization” department.

2006: Atelcom signs contracts with Vodafone and Motorola Italy including 400 customized mobile phones.

2008: Creation of the luxury department with the launch of the 1st diamond iPhone. The different generations of personalized iPhones will follow.

2010: Creation of the iPad Limited Edition (leather covered, stainless steel cover, diamond buttons).

2018: Atelcom signs a partnership with Maro Handco for the production of custom made leather goods (Alligator/Ostrich/Calf/Python/Iguana)








Apple: ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is officially distributing Apple products since 2010.

Bowers & Wilkins: ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is officially distributing B&W products since 2012.

Maro Hand Co: ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is partnering with Maro Hand Co for the customization of accessories and leather goods since 2018.

Designa Individual: ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is officially partnering with Designa Individual for the distribution of their custom products.


ATELCOM x Maro Hand co

ATELCOM Monte-Carlo is working in partnership with Maro Hand Co for the production of custom leather goods, including phone cases, wallets, card holders, phone holders, and bags. 

Maro Hand Co and Atelcom also gives to the customers the opportunity to create their own leather good.

All products are made with real skins and are delivered with an authenticity certificate.



Every products are custom made, with Alligator, Ostrich, Calf, or Python skins.

Skin selection:

Skin dyeing: